Since 2019, All You Ever Think About Is Sparks is a biographical-slash-historical exploration of the band Sparks in chronological order. The podcast is NOT an official resource and has not been endorsed by Ron or Russell Mael. This is strictly a labor of love, from the obsessive mind and voice of Christian Huey, an Austin, TX-based writer and performer.

My major sources for the information I explore in the show are: No. 1 Songs in Heaven by Dave Thompson (2009), Talent Is an Asset by Darryl Easlea (2010), and the website http://graphikdesigns.free.fr/sparks-mael-site.html. I frequently pull from additional sources, including interview subjects.

Feel free to contact me (Christian) via Facebook, follow me on Twitter, which I never use (@christianhuey), or email at christianchuey@gmail.com or podcastsparks@gmail.com

I am always looking for contributors, guest hosts and interview subjects! Contact me if you're interested! Find an error in my research? Angrily set me straight!


Dance Goddammit,

Christian Huey



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