SPECIAL EPISODE: What We Do Is What We Do, Episode 01: Dario Western and naturism



Doing some logrolling today. After months of idle threats, I have finally assembled the first episode of my new podcast What We Do Is What We Do. No, it's not about the DEVO song. It's about hobbies, pastimes, and passion projects! Starring maybe you one day! The new show will have its own feed, but it's going to play nice here with the Sparks feed for now.

Mr. Dario Western (an avid Sparks fan himself, natch) joins me on my maiden voyage, giving me the naked truth on naturism and how he's merged it with his music career. Check out the music of Dario's band Laissez-Fayre here.

What's YOUR passion project? What makes YOU tick? What kind of thing do you make time in your life to pursue even though it doesn't pay the bills? Let me know, and I'll interview you too!

christianchuey@gmail.com is my email, https://twitter.com/ChristianHuey is my Twitter, and you can reach me on Facebook as well (I'm Christian Exquisitely Huey).

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