Episode 20: Martin Gordon returns!


While my first episode on Introducing keeps cookin', I've had a couple of great opportunities to interview former Sparks players, including a chap who's been on the show before, and I'm thankful to have him back on again.

If you're not yet privy, Martin was the bassist on Kimono My House, and was part of that seminal, yet short-lived lineup (in more ways than one, sad to say). He has a new album out, the politically pointed song suite Another Words. He also had some thoughts about the new Edgar Wright documentary The Sparks Brothers, and the level of his involvement with the project.

Martin is always a pleasure to talk to, and I hope to do it again. Check out his website at Homepage (martingordon.de). You can find his music on Spotify as well as on CD. It's great stuff.

You can write me at: podcastsparks@gmail.com or follow All You Ever Think About Is Sparks on Facebook.

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