Episode 17: Big Beat (1976) part one


It's been a minute since I rapped at ya, Sparks fans. Hope all is well. At long last, here's the next chapter in the Sparks saga: the story of Big Beat. Recorded in NYC with an all-new, all-American band, and with Rupert Holmes at the helm (yes, THAT Rupert Holmes), Big Beat was released by Columbia Records in October 1976. Inspired in part by the emerging punk/new wave scene of the moment, Big Beat eschews the baroque pop stylings of the Island records, and opts for a bare bones rock and roll attack. This episode covers the making of the album and the first half of the songs found on modern CD rereleases of Big Beat.

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UPDATE: Incredibly, I've already gotten word that my Mr. Bill song at the end suffered volume issues. No doubt that was thanks to Levelator. You can hear a better version here.

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